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Diamond Cakery
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Our Menu
Delicious and decadent flavors with organic fresh fruit, imported chocolates, melted caramels and creamy icings.
Strawberry Sensation
French vanilla cake, creamy buttercream icing and chunks of fresh strawberries. (Please note, since we use a red syrup, sometimes the cake will be pink, if not white).
Triple Chocolate 
White Wedding
Triple chocolate fudge cake, chocolate drizzle and fudge buttercream.
Moist vanilla cake, paired with whipped buttercream and a hint of delicious almond.
Oreo Crusher
French vanilla cake with chunks of Oreos mixed in, caramel drizzle and sweet buttercream icing. (Please note, since we use chocolate syrup, sometimes the cake will be dark).
Kicking Lemon
Mint Chip Madness
Organic lemon cake, creamy vanilla buttercream. Chunks of fresh pineapple available upon request.
Delicious chocolate mint chip cake, whipped buttercream and chunks of chocolate chips.
Additional flavors available upon request. We also bake cookies and cake pops in-kitchen. If we don't have any in stock we will sub-contract out. Please talk to your cake advisor for further information. 
Red Riding Hood
Marble Mixer
Chocolate Chip
Red velvet cake, creamy vanilla 
icing with chunks of
organic cream cheese
French vanilla cake with chunks of organic chocolate chips and whipped buttercream icing
Banana Cream
Chocolate Ganache
Strawberry Stripes
French vanilla cream cake with whipped vanilla icing and chunks of fresh bananas
Moist strawberry cake and vanilla icing
Decadent triple chocolate fudge cake with thick chocolate ganache